“Diversities”: RiveGauche-ArteCinema Second edition of Florence Film Festival dedicated to short film

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Second edition of International Cinema Contest, dedicated to short films Rules and regulations

  1. The “Associazione di Arte e Cultura Cinematografica Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema”,  Florence, associated to FEDIC (Cineclub Association) Italy, is happy to announce the second edition of its International Cinema Contest, dedicated to short films. This year’s theme is “Diversities” and aims at promoting the knowledge of, and the encounter and the collaboration between, young directors and also digital artists.
  2. Chosen theme: “Diversities”
  1. The contest is divided in two sections: Section A: A1. Theme short films: Diversities Open theme  short films
  2. Requirements of the work: Short films should not be longer than 15 minutes, included film credits.

      5.     Deadline: October 31st, 201 6.    Applicants should send a fee of 20 euros together with their work. Applicants who send two works should send 30 euros in total. Payments should be made through Paypal to the address: rivegauche-artecinema@hotmail.com or wire transfer: Beneficiary: Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema IBAN: IT41X0200802832000103193977 Cod BIC/SWIFT: UNCRITM1R02 7.  Applicants can mail their works to: Marino Demata, Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema, Via Castelfidardo, 33 – Firenze, Italy Or online: Dropbox or We Transfer to rivegauche-artecinema@hotmail.com Applicants should send their work together with their contact details (adress, phone, cell, email) along with a short film description. For further queries phone +39 328 7133951       8.     All materials will not be returned and will become property of the Rive Gauche’s archive.         Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema is responsible for, and in charge with, the preservation of the works and with the protection of personal data. Materials may be used in future events. Materials may be published exclusively for promotion purposes and for this contest on the Rive Gauche-ArteCinema blog and Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.        9. The authors of the shortlisted works will be notified a  month before the final event of the competition (November 26th, 2015)        10. Film producers will mention their participation to the Rive Gauche “Diversities” film contest,  the prizes awarded and the RiveGauche-ArteCinema logo. 11. Final event and awards.  Applicants will be shortlisted by the juries (see 13 and 14). Travel and accommodation expenses will be met by shortlisted applicants.        12. The shortlisted applicants will receive a plaque. Films will be screened during the final event. The opening ceremony will take place on 26 November 2015 in Firenze centre, SALA VETRATE DE LE MURATE. PROGETTI ARTE CONTEMPORANEA 13.   Prizes: First prize for best short film : € 500 Voucher for video production equipment Prize for best director: important and personalized award plaque Prize for best script: important and personalized award plaque Prize for best soundtrack: important and personalized award plaque Prize for best actor: important and personalized award plaque Prize for best actress: important and personalized award plaque All participants will receive a parchment attesting their contribution 14. Experts’ jury: Prof. Marino Demata (Rive Gauche-ArteCinema President) Dr. Luciano Nucentini  (RiveGauche-ArteCinema vice-President) Dott. Giovanni Maria Rossi – Critico cinematografico Giulia Spagnesi – (Cinema and multicultural) Dr.sa Maria Rosaria Perilli (Writer) Simone Innocenti – (Cinemanemico President) Claudio Baldocci – (Multi-instrumentalist musician)

  1. The jury’s decisions cannot be appealed