Real Cinema: Bazin and Hirokazu Koreeda’s Nobody Knows


A. Bazin

[Andre Bazin was French film critic and theorist who wrote for Cahiers du cinéma. Neo-realism was a style, pioneered and perfected by Italian cinema, that stressed realistic depiction of the everyday, especially within the lives of an impoverished society. Bazin loved this type filmmaking so much that he argued against the notion of cinema manipulating reality through editing and effects. He was a fan of documentary, long-held shots, deep focus, and the idea that a films “objective reality” and the audience’s subjective interpretation of it was of utmost importance. This write up is meant to introduce the theorist, his theory, how and how it would apply to a modern foreign film. It is also meant to spark an appreciation for realism in film, and art which seems to be lost beneath the heavily edited/stylized blockbusters and indie contemporaries.

Oh, and, Nobody Know’s is also worth your time.]


Nobody Knows,

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