Quiet man of Hollywood Robert Redford turns 80 – Sunday Post

That was a Greta Garbo line, but it could just as easily have been uttered by Robert Redford.He might have been one of the biggest actors of the 70s and 80s, starring in huge hits like The Sting and Out Of Africa, as well as being an Oscar-winning director, but he’s always been a bit of a loner and a Hollywood outsider.You can tell that from the fact that while most actors flock to LA, he moved out when he first became famous and lives almost 800 miles away on his sprawling 6,000-acre ranch in remote Utah.Redford in 2001 film Spy Game (Allstar/UNIVERSAL)Redford in 2001 film Spy Game (Allstar/UNIVERSAL)Called Sundance, for obvious reasons, as it’s spawned not only the Sundance Festival, America’s biggest independent film festival, but also the Sundance Institute, which helps and mentors independent film-makers away from Tinseltown’s big studios.Born in Santa Monica 80 years ago on August 18, 1936, and a grandfather of seven, Redford is still handsome, but better not tell him to his face as he felt it was a millstone around his neck in the 70s.“This constant reference to me being the way I looked, it made me crazy, like I was being put into a cage,” he says.“That kind of locked me in. You struggle. You say: ‘No, I’m an actor.’ I came into this business because of the craft of acting. I began by doing a lot of character work on TV.“I played rapists, I played crazies, that was me developing my craft and it was a matter of pride to sink into a role and be convincing in it.“But instead, when it happened, I’m hearing about my blond hair!“I found out I wasn’t going to be let out of that cage — I think a lot of people thought my career started with Butch Cassidy.”Out of Africa, 1985 (Allstar/UNIVERSAL)Out of Africa, 1985 (Allstar/UNIVERSAL)By the time that classic Western came out in 1969, Redford had turned down a $10,000-a-week TV role and already paid $500 for his first two acres of Utah, in the shadow of the 12,000-foot Mount Timpanogos.“I bought two acres in 1961, and I built a cabin in 1963. Some part of me was in search of a place I could make my home,” he says.“Whenever I had a few extra bucks, I’d buy some property around my house just to protect it.“Then in the late 1960s, tax laws changed, the West became wide open, so I made a deal with a sheepherder.“The Stewart family owned about 3,000 acres. I said: ‘I want to buy this. I promise to protect your heritage here. I’ll give you 30 acres to hold in perpetuity.’

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