“Clerks” (USA 1994) di Kevin Smith

Uno dei più celebrati Film Indipendenti


Clerks (1994) by Kevin Smith is one of the best and more celebrated independent film. It exploded out of Sundance Film Festival and then Smith started his co-operation with Miramax.
Still in the 2009 in the Films: C, Reviews, Ryan Cracknell wrote “In the 15 years since its release, Kevin Smith’s Clerks has become the thing that Hollywood legends are made of. In fact, months after it came out, the legend was born. Employing an ultra-low budget, Smith was able to make the impossible possible by making Clerks an indie darling that crossed over into the mainstream…Clerks is the type of film that speaks to a generation and continues to reverberate a decade and a half later.”

One of the funniest scene of the film:

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