“Lulu and the right words” di E. Le Pera: Vincitore del III Firenze FilmCorti Festival – I bellissimi titoli di apertura e una nota del regista

A un mese dalla proclamazione di “Lulù and the right words” vincitore del III Firenze FilmCorti Festival, riteniamo giusto ritornare sull’argomento per sottolieare ancora la bellezza e l’originalità del film interamente realizzato negli USA, pubblicando per il lettori del nostro Blog i bellissimi titoli di testa del film, nonchè la comunicazione con la quale  regista ha reso pubblico il risultato unanime della Giuria, presieduta da Stefano Beccastrini, sulla propria pagina.

Enrico Le Pera festeggiando la vittoria con Marino Demata e altre 26 persone.

Dear Friends,
It is with great excitement that I am pleased to announce that our short film “Lulu and the right words” won the highest prize, Best Film, at the International Short Film Fest of Florence, Italy. The film competed against films coming from several countries such as USA, UK, Italy, Russia and Sweden.
The quality of the films in competition was high, for example the Critics’ award went to Sharon Stone for her documentary about concentration camps.
At the link of the festival you can find the motivation by the jury for recognizing our short as the best film of the festival. It is written in Italian but I assure you that they deeply understood the meaning of this story and all the effort put in it. The fact that we wanted to tell a story about love in a very different way, using a modern language. The film was associated to the work of Hitchcock, David Lynch, Brian De Palma with a touch of Tarantino. Well, better to stay humble, and they made these associations, not us.
I would like to stress out the point that the Best Film award is not an individual prize, it is a collective prize that recognizes the merit of each one involved in this project. So, please, take the time, today, to celebrate yourself for such accomplishment. I am in Italy so I won’t be there to share this joy with you, but, please, drink one for me!
So this award goes to the one and only Marick Pilyavsky, to the inspiring Emanuela Termine, to the profound music of Federico Ferrandina, the pop post modern photography of Ben Griffin with the psychedelic lights of Ronnie Lee Gotch, the color touch of Luigi Passalacqua, the mesmerizing animation of Zach Purcell on a concept by super Lucio Fabale. And it goes to the unique acting sensitivity and depth of our Lulu, Lauren Kathrynn and to all the supporting cast: the exceptional Jonathon Carter Schall, the real deal Michael Anthony Pecina (with his spectacular club Montecristo), the onemanshow Beau Marie, the nobleness of Victoria Leslie, the acting elegance of Skyler Seymour, the bright talent Andrew James Scott, the fearless grit of Micah Fitzgerald, the extraterrestrial essence of Tristan Traaen and Mihai Sfetcu, the clever beauty of Carrie Macy (which supported the casting as well), the kindness and competence of Alexander Von Roon, the young brilliance of Matthew Grathwol, and the infinite smile of Lauren Compton.
It goes to the helpful Yosi Berman and Vito Dinatolo, to the vision of Abigail Bradley. To the incredible exotic location of Boska Dundov and Chuck Dundov.
And this award goes to me and Nick Zurlo, who both dreamed about this story and now this story is real. What’s more to wish for?
Cheers and till the next one!
(Sorry, this post is long, but we are celebrating, excuse us!)