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24/01/2017 – The edgy director has selected the lead actors for his film adaptation of his own novel.
Costas Zapas (The Last Porn Movie, Minor Freedoms [+]) has always been an edgy and fairly unconventional director, as his films grab the audience’s attention on account of both the extreme nature of their topics and, of course, his avant-garde and occasionally eccentric aesthetics. The film adaptation of his own novel, Frankenstein REC, has been his most trying project to date, as it has been stalled in pre-production since 2011 (see the news). Zapas’ literary adaptation of the Gothic classic brings the Frankenstein story into modern-day society by revitalising it, without losing any of the atmosphere or the horror that Mary Shelley’s saga originally captured back in 1818.

The director has already selected the lead actors who will bring Shelley’s heroes to life. Angelos Valeras – who starred in Zapas’ last film, Love, Love, LoveElli Tsitsipa and Fotis Christopoulos will respectively breathe life into young student Victor Frankenstein, his fiancée, Elizabeth Lavenza, and his childhood friend, Henry Clerval. It should be noted that this is the first film adaptation in which the protagonists’ ages all correspond with those of the book’s characters.

Zapas has also written the screenplay for the film, and Gregory Athanasiou, the owner of Minus Pictures, will once again act as his producer, while Willi Kamarad, Thamara Barth and Marc Steinhauer will serve as executive producers. Other notable members of the crew are composer Shigeru Umebayashi (In the Mood for Love, A Single Man), and animator and special-effects specialist Panagiotis Rappas. Frankenstein REC is an international co-production by Minus Pictures (Greece) in conjunction with Dreamfilms GmbH (Germany), Oticons (Bulgaria), Rappas Films (Greece) and SEM-S SA (Greece), and it is being supported by the Greek Film Center. German company Asgard International will be responsible for the international sales and distribution. The film will be shot on location in Greece, and the rest of the international and Greek cast will be announced soon.

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