5th Edition of Firenze FilmCorti Festival (Short films, Directorial Debuts and Screenplays)

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Deadline May 20th, 2018

 Festival Description

Don’t miss the occasion to attend this International contest and, in the same time, to visit Florence, that’s the most beautiful town in Italy!

An Italian Filmaker, Cecilia Zambello won the 2014 Festival edition by the film “Clorofilla tace”.
A Mexican filmaker, Roberto Valdes, with his film “Algien”, won the 2015 edition.
The 3rd Edition of the Festival (2016) has been won by an Italian filmaker, Enrico Le Pera, who submitted an American film, “Lulù and the right words”.
Finally the IV edition of our Festival has been won by a Chinese filmmaker from Macau. His awarded film was “Crash”.

The 5th edition will take place on June 22nd to 24h (Final event). Festival includes three different event types of award:
1) Film Festival with live screening
2) Unpublished Screenplay
3) Directorial Debuts (Prize Opera prima)

Rules and regulations

  1. The “Associazione di Arte e Cultura Cinematografica Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema”, Florence, Italy, is happy to announce the 5th edition of its  International Cinema  Contest, dedicated
    to short films,  Corti Festival”.  The Festival aims at promoting the collaboration and competition between young directors and screenplayers.

  2. Festival has 3 diferent Sections:

    Section 1 – Short Films
    Section 2 – Directorial Debuts in Short films (Prize Opera prima FEDIC)
    Section 3/a – Original and unpublished Screenplay for short film (30 pages or less)
    Section 3/b – 
    Original and unpublished Screenplay for long film (more than 30 pages)

  1. Requirements:

Short films for Section 1 and 2 should not be longer than 40 minutes, included film credits. s

 4. Deadline for submission: MAY 20, 2018    Only works submitted within this date will be considered.  For members of the FEDIC the deadline is  20 April 2018.

  1. Applicants should send a fee of Euro 25.00 together with their work. Applicants who send more than one entry should add Euro 15.00 for each additional work.
    Payments should be made through Paypal to the address:
    rivegauche-artecinema@hotmail.com , or via Bank Transfer to Rive Gauche Bank account:
    IBAN: IT41X0200802832000103193977
    Bank receipt have to be sent through:  info@rivegauche-festival.eu 


6. Applicants can send works to:

 1 – Mail their entries to: Marino Demata, Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema, Via Domenico Giuliotti, 3 – 50135 Firenze, Italy. (The association cannot take responsibilty for the postal service). O
2 – Online:  By  WeTransfer to info@rivegauche-festival.eu

Applicants should send their work together with their contact details (adress, phone, cell, email) along with the short film abstract and curriculum vitae.

For further information please call +39 3287133951

  1. The material sent will not be returned and will be preserved in the Rive Gauche’s archive.         Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema is responsible for, and in charge of, the preservation of the works and the protection of the participants’ personal data. The Material may be used in future events (Filmakers and/or film producers will be advised) and may be published to promote this contest on the Rive Gauche-ArteCinema blog  and Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, google+  pages, with the authors’ consent.

  1. The competitors whose works are admitted to the final event of the competition (June 22, 23 and 24) will be notified by May 21st to 30th, 2017 via email and on the Blog (RiveGauche-Filmecritica),  as well as on the Rive Gauche-ArteCinema network pages.

  2. The film’s producers must agree to include a mention of the V edition of the Rive Gauche Festival in all future promotion of their material , stating which section they participated in, and citing any prizes they may have won.

  3. Applicants will be shortlisted by the juries for the final event.  . Travel and accommodation and other expenses will be met by shortlisted applicants.

  4. The finalists works will be presented during the course of the  three days event on June 22nd to 24th  2018. The final schedule will be advised closer to the time.  The prize giving will take place on the evening of June 24th.


  1. Prizes: The following prizes will be awarded:

    Section 1

First prize
Prize for best  short film: Work made by a Tuscany artist  and a personalized plaque. 

Prize for best director:  personalized award.
Prize for best script: personalized award
Prize for best soundtrack:  personalized award
Prize for best actor:  personalized award
Prize for best actress: personalized

 Section 2

Prize for best debut movie.
First prize FEDIC for the best debut movie: A work by a local artist and a personalized award.
Second and thirs prize:  
A personalized award

Section 3
First Prize for the best Original Screenplay (long or short screenlay): InkTip prize package. It incudes listing of winner script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find him. And a personalised award.
Second Prize for short films:  InkTip prize package. It incudes listing of winner script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find him. And a personalised award.
Second Prize for long films:  InkTip prize package. It incudes listing of winner script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find him. And a personalised award.

Third Prize for short film: A personalized award
Third prize for long film: A personalized award 

 All participants will receive a parchment attesting their contribution.

  1. Jury Members:


    Enrico Le Pera- Director winning film of the III Florence Short Film International Fest
    Riccardo Zampinetti – Rive Gauche main office
    Maria Rosaria Perilli – Writer and critic
    Giulia Spagnesi – Cinema and multiculturalism
    Claudio Baldocci – multi-instrumentalist musician
    Elisabetta  Malaguti – Designer
    Ruben Chaviano – Musician and composer
    Laura Fenili – Cinema experience

 14. The jury’s decision is Final

The President of
Rive Gauche – Festival
Marino Demata



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