TUTTI I FILM DELFIRENZE FF – “Silvia” (IT. 2017) di Alexander Edwards

  Il film sarà proiettato il 26 gennaio alle ore 17.00:
Zona Aromatica Protetta
Sala Riunioni 2°piano
Vicolo di Santa Maria Maggiore 1
50123 Firenze


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Che cosa succede quando una scelta irreversibile ti costringe a ripensare alla tua vita, alla tua esistenza e a quella di chi ti è vicino?
“Silvia” è la storia di una giovane adulta costretta a crescere e a prendere in mano la propria vita e il proprio futuro dopo una esistenza guidata dallo scorrere degli eventi.
“Silvia” è la scelta che incontriamo tutti prima o poi nella vita tra andare o restare.
È un’opportunità, è un conflitto, un ponte; ma più di tutto, è un percorso di scoperta: alla fine ciò che conta non è andare o restare, ma essere consapevoli di essere davanti a una scelta e del fatto che, qualunque strada prenderai, saprai che è quella migliore per te.
Silvia, twenty-two year old girl, works as a waitress in a small bar in town so she can support her deadbeat dad and her little brother Leo. Each day is like the next.
Unexpectedly, Franco, her fiance, gets back in town and asks her to leave together for Australia.
Franco breaches in her endless daily routine of sameness and Silvia starts to see the possibility to end the gray in which her life was fading.
On the other hand, the thought of her brother and hopeless father bring Silvia back to reality and to a promise: her mother had asked her to take care of the house and family. So Silvia’s interior journey begins.
And through the last moments spent with her family will Silvia become aware of the right choice for her?
Director Biography

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Alexander Edwards, born in 1994 is an Italian American director. Born and raised in Italy, son of an Air Force veteran, he studied abroad in Italy and obtained a Degree in Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production (Film Studies) with the maximum score. During his studies he started working as an assistante editor in the post production studio of Edoardo Vojvoda in Porcia (PN), Italy. Afterwards he started his filmmaking career by producing, directing and editing his first short movie, “Silvia”, as his thesis in 2017.
Director Statement
I believe that the only kind of art that deserves to be produced is that art that tells you something, tha moves you. So all the growing technology and media has to be used and exploited in order to tell a good story, everytime. And my belief is that there is only one story that deserves to be narrated: the conflict of the human heart with itself.
“Silvia”, my first movie, is my attempt to start my career, but especially it’s my first attempt to tell a story about human heart in conflict with itself. My hope is to reach out and be in contact with the audience by narrating a story in which they can relate.
“Silvia” is the choice we all have to face sooner or later between staying or going.
The journey the girl has to take is an inner one. She has to take control of her life and make her one choices without being carried by others or by the events that happen in her life. She has to solve he inner conflicts and fight for everyting, as we all must do sooner or later.
It’s an opportunity, a conflict, a bridge; but above all it’s a evolving path of discovery: in the end staying or going is not important, but become aware of the fact that, no matter what choice you may take, it will be the right one.