Nota del regista Mark McGann sulla proiezione a Firenze di “Perplexed music”

Nel corso della prima serata di pre-selezioni dei film iscritti al 5° Firenze FilmCorti Festival è stato proiettato anche il film inglese Perplexed Music. Ad accompagnare il film sono venuti da Londra la produttrice Clare Cahill e il regista Mark McGann.
Quest’ultimo ha inviato questa nota con le proprie impressioni sulla serata:
Programma“A huge Grazie to Marino and Matteo the organisers of the 5th Firenze Corti International Film Festival, who looked after both Clare and I so well yesterday and made our short trip to Florence extremely worthwhile!
Our film was incredibly well received and we felt so proud to represent you all there. Thanks everyone who donated to bring us here. You’re just incredible.
An invaluable experience and opportunity for Clare and I to showcase Perplexed Music in an International forum; to meet with other filmmakers and the festival goers, and to receive first-hand feedback and plan strategy for the coming months.
All I can say is that our film looked and sounded so beautiful up there on the screen, and more than held its own amid a very high standard of selected films. So proud.
The response from everyone during our live interview and afterwards was incredible, which hopefully augurs very well for the final selection process in June. Fingers-crossed!
Finally, a huge thank you to our Clare Cahill, who has tirelessly driven this whole post-production process with an energy and belief so often beyond the call of duty. It’s so touching to hear her talk publicly with a genuinely love and excitement for what we’ve managed to create. Perplexed Music is in very good hands, and we are incredibly lucky to have her dedication. Thank you Clare.
Right, plane to catch, more films to make…
Thank you everyone!
Mark xxx”