TUTTI I FILM DELFIRENZE F. FEST – “Copyshop” (Germ. 2017) di Jakob Grunert

  Il film sarà proiettato il 2 febbraio alle ore 17.00:
Zona Aromatica Protetta
Sala Riunioni 2°piano
Vicolo di Santa Maria Maggiore 1
50123 Firenz
Il film:
COPYSHOP accompanies Berlin-Köpenick rapper Romano on a journey of discovery to
Hong Kong, where he recalls his time working in a copy shop in his home town. It’s all
about megacities, stereotypes, creative spaces, rap music, Romano’s copy shop
biography and the copy of the copy of the copy…
Il regista:

grunert102_v-panoramaJakob Grunert was born in 1980 in Berlin. After studying in Hamburg
and New York, he worked as a director and musician. In addition to the publication of
some music albums, he produces and composes film music. He also produced several
music videos and advertising films and worked as a director at the Volksbühne at Rosa-
Luxemburg-Platz. Jakob Grunert lives in Berlin.