68 San Sebastian Festival: Viggo Mortensen received the Donostia Award

Viggo Mortensen received the Donostia Award corresponding to the 68th edition of San Sebastian Festival at a gala held in the Kursaal, where the North American actor introduced the feature film Falling, his directorial debut. “I congratulate you for your tremendous luck in continuing to be alive and for the love you show for the cinema by being here”, said the honoured guest to the public after receiving the award from the hands of the filmmaker from Madrid, Agustín Díaz Yanes.

Visibly nervous and moved, the actor and director voiced his thanks for a lindo or lovely award reflecting “the long history of the cinema” and its “promise as a manner of creative expression and communication”. “When I think of the impressive list of artists who have received the Donostia Award I feel very lucky to be included in that tradition and that promise. I value it in order to continue learning and improving in my profession”, he assured.

Mortensen ended with a “reflection” on today’s situation. “In one way or another, Covid-19 has screwed us all and will continue to screw us for some time to come, but it is only another stumbling block in our existence. We have always lived with uncertainty, although perhaps we are more aware of that at this time. Uncertainty is the law of life, but don’t let us forget that life is a gift. We must continue to forge ahead, accompanying those who are alone and honouring those who are no longer here, doing it the best we can to the best of our imagination”, he said before ending in Basque with “Gora Donostia Zinemaldia!” and a resounding “Long live the cinema!”