“Screenplay Contest” – 8th Firenze FilmCorti Festival

Deadline: October 10th, 2021

1 – Contents and aims:

The Association Rive Gauche – Festival, Florence, Italy, is pleased to announce the Firenze Screenplays Contest as part of 8th Firenze FilmCorti Festival.
The Festival aims at promoting the collaboration and competition between young directors, screenwriters and the promotion and distribution of audio-visual works from all over the world. The Festival also wants to encourage and facilitate participants in their contacts with producers, distributors, actors etc who will be guests of the event.

2 – Schedule:

The Screenplays Contest of 8th Firenze Filmcorti Festival will take place on October 30th, 2021 in Murate Art District (MAD), Piazza de Le Murate, Florence, Tuscany, Italy.
Call for entries is now open.
Deadline for entries: OCTOBER 10TH, 2021.
The authors of the Official selection (finalists) will be notified before on or before OCTOBER 15TH 2021.
All the shortlisted Authors will be notified via email, or with a post on our blog, on our official social media channels, on our website www.firenzefilmcortifestival.com or
Travel and accommodation expenses, and living costs, are not covered and will not be refunded.

3 – Requirements:

Screenplays: it is possible to submit screenplays for both short films or feature films. Original screenplays for short films must be no longer than 30 pages, whereas screenplays for feature films must be longer than 30 pages.
Also, scripts for TV series are admitted for both: pilot or pilot + all episodes
Screenplays must be in English or in Italian.

4 – Submissions:

The Screenplays can be submitted through one of the platforms cooperating with Firenze FilmCorti Festival (Film Freeway, ISA Marketing, and s.o.).
Applicants should pay a fee of U$ 25.00.
Incomplete submissions (missing parts of the requested documentation) will not be taken into consideration.
Fee waiver will not be allowed.
For further clarifications, please contact:info@firenzefilmcortifestival.com

5 – Preservation of the material and ‘Authors Corner’

All the material submitted will not be returned. It will be held in the archive of the Association which will be responsible for the preservation of the material, and the processing of the personal data of the applicants.
Trailers or other material (with the exclusion for the whole film) may be published or released for disclosure and advertising purposes on the Rive Gauche-Film e Critica magazine (http://rivegauche-filmecritica.com), on the Festival website (http://firenzefimcortifestival.com ) and on the Association Newtwork, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin pages.
Every Screenwriter can write something about their work or send photos for the “Authors corner” on the Festival website. The material can be sent to:
info@firenzefilmcortifestival.com or presidenza@firenzefilmcortifestival.com

6 – Awards

The works will be selected and shortlisted by an English and Italian Jury that will decide the Official Selection.
The shortlisted works will be judged by three Juries:
All the shortlisted Screenwriter (Official Selection) will receive the attendance laurels.
List of Awards:All the awarded participants will receive a personalised plate and official certificate of attendance.
Screenplay Category:
Award for Best Screenplay: Euro 500 and Ink Tip Package.
2nd place and 3rd place: InkTip Package (it means the screenplay coiuld be sent to the film production companies) and a personalized plate.

The opinion of the Jury, made up by experts, will be unquestionable.

The President of Rive Gauche – Festival
Marino Demata

The President of Firenze Film Corti Festival
Francesco Grifoni